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Striving for self-sufficiency, child of God, lover of nature, homesteads, wife of a hard working family with a loving husband, and homeschooling Mom of three beautiful girls. Creator of good things using nature's bounty.

Easy Crock Pot Apple Butter

Don't you just love Fall? Crisp cool mornings, falling leaves, crunchy leaf piles, apple orchards, pumpkin everything? Without a doubt Fall is definitely my favorite season, and one of the traditions we have here, is to fill the freezer and my canning jars with lots of apple goodness. One of our favorites things to make [...]

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Elvis Bread!

Most people know that one of Elvis Presley's favorite foods was peanut butter and banana sandwiches! I've tried them myself and believe me they are pretty good, but what if you could have all that and some chocolate too? Just the other day a friend of mine posted something that looked amazing! Peanut Butter Banana [...]

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The Revolutionary Roller Ball

That's right! The revolutionary roller ball , one of the best inventions ever, and here's why! First and foremost, you can make those precious essential oils go farther, therefore saving lots of money, and who doesn't like that, right? You can dilute your pure oil by placing 15-30 drops in a 10 ml roller bottle [...]

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For The Love of Sheldon

In the Spring of the year, towards the back of the store, Runnings always has tanks full of baby chickens. That's where I first met Sheldon. He was in the straight run tank. The straight run tank is the one that has both males and females and you don't find out what you have until [...]

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Old Fashioned Lye Soap

You often hear older people talk about good old fashioned lye soap, for good reason!  It was an excellent laundry and cleaning aid! The truth is, all soap is made with lye, there just is no  way to make soap without it. The difference however, between good facial soap and good  lye soap for cleaning, [...]

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DYI Laundry Soap and Fabric Softner

At our house, we like the freedom to make different household cleaning  items that  work great AND save money. One of the things that used to take up quite a bit extra of my grocery budget was laundry soap, and fabric softener. With three girls in the house and a hubby who works out doors [...]

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Nourishing Broth

Chicken soup, nourishing, comforting, powerful! Before processed foods came along, like the little packages of chicken flavored MSG and high sodium, cooks used good rich homemade broth to make soups, stews, sauces and gravies. Everyone enjoyed the many benefits of these whether they knew it or not. I have a hunch they knew the healing [...]

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Quick and Easy Hot Chocolate

The snow is crunchy, the air is crisp, and who doesn't love to come inside and warm up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate? I'm going to share with you a quick and easy recipe for delicious hot chocolate mix that you can make and store, or give away as gifts! Why make your [...]

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Healthy Cleaning Part ll

If you're like me, and tired of the chemical cocktails for sale at the store to clean our houses with, cleaners that contain chemicals that will disrupt our hormones, cause allergies, potentially harm our children, pets and ourselves, then you will enjoy learning about some wonderful alternatives! My last post was about how to make [...]

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“Summer”izing Your House!

Today is one cold, and I do mean cold day! It's three degrees outside here in Southwest MN. and  I think we are beginning to get cabin fever! You all know I love to make natural products, to use on my family, and to clean with. In the next few posts, I'm going to do [...]

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