It’s hard to believe that August has almost come to an end and September is right around the corner!

As we have, many of you may have started to get ready for back to school, back packs, school supplies, maybe new clothes and shoes, all of those things are fun to shop for!

One thing about back to school though, whether you are homeschoolers, or public schoolers is that when we congregate with other people, we need to be aware of the fact that this season often brings about some seasonal illnesses. Colds and flu are always around, and one sure fire way to avoid getting sick is hand washing. Here at the Prairie Apothecary Company we make an awesome soap to help support our immunity! I will tell you about it as I make a batch…

It contains :

Rosemary essential oil which has antibacterial properties

Lemon essential oil know for it’s astringent, antiseptic, cleansing and detoxifying abilities, it also may support the reduction of blemishes.

Clove essential oil is said to be antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antiviral.

Eucalyptus oil may be helpful in decreasing inflammation.

Cinnamon essential oil may help to support immunity, and has strong cleansing properties.

This combination of oils is very effective in cleansing those busy hands, and helping our loved ones stay healthy!


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI began by combining my palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter, melted and brought down to a temperature of around 90 to 100 degrees. I then add my sodium hydroxide solution, which is brought down to around the same temperature and blend. When it begins to thicken I add my essential oil, and about a tablespoon of cinnamon, for extra fragrance and some light abrasiveness for scrubbing dirty hands.



When it’s nice and thick like pudding, I pour it in the mold and wait 24 hours to take it out and cut into bars. I love this soap, it smells so good, warm and refreshing all at the same time! Those who have acne have reported success with this as well.


This soap as well as many others can be bought in the store on this website, I have a special going on  where you can bundle three and get the fourth one free!

Medieval RX Soap, The Prairie Apothecary Company

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I hope you all have a wonderful back to school season! I love the Fall and all of the wonderful things it brings with it!

Many Blessings!