Happy Birthday old house! My, but you were grand in your day! Standing up on a hill looking over the prairie flowers.

Someone with big hopes and dreams built you, back in 1916. I had an old lady friend years ago who told me stories about you and the people who lived here. She was a little girl at the time, but she remembers the lady driving by her house just up the road in a horse drawn sleigh. This lady would go to town and buy coal for the big furnace in the basement. Her husband was a cattle buyer you see, so she had to do for herself a lot of the time. She was often alone, with no children of her own, so she would have my friend come and stay with her to keep her company, even though she was just a little girl.

That big old coal furnace is still in the basement, far to huge and heavy to ever remove. It’s forever a part of you, along with the old draft control on the doorway


upstairs. which allowed people to open and close the draft of the furnace in the basement, to make it warmer or cooler, without having to go to the basement. At that time, I’m sure that was quite a luxurious extra feature!



They also put in a beautiful built in hutch with leaded glass windows in the dining room and bookshelves with leaded glass doors  and solid oak pillars in the living room.

Everything in you was built with hard oak, meant  to last!

I often wonder what kind of books and things those bookshelves held in 1916. I have my books in them now, ready to curl up with on a rainy day inside  your cozy walls.

The next family to live in you in the 1920’s had 3 little girls. I’m sure that brought some excitement and joy to your walls! I can imagine piano lessons, tea parties, laughing little voices and china dolls. Oh what fun that must have been!

There were other families that lived here, some with children, some without. When we moved in around 1999, we brought big dreams and plans, and two more little girls to call you home, and yet another little girl was born 4 years later.

You were pretty tired and run down by the time we got here. The farmer we bought you from was considering bull dozing you and using the yard for a field. Thanks to the good Lord he let us buy you!

You were still standing, and your walls and foundation firm and straight. Your wood work was still beautiful, and you felt so welcoming, I fell in love!

We slowly began restoring you, first the shingles, then the falling plaster. New windows upstairs made it less breezy inside, and new siding and a brand new rebuilt front porch helped bring you back to life.

I’ve tried over the years to decorate you in the style of your time. I’ve always felt a connection to the old things and the old ways of life. I love antiques, and how they fit right in here, just like they were meant to be.

I’ll bet if you could talk, you would have the best stories to tell!

Your floors still need to be redone, and now you need shingles again, after the prairie wind has blown strong for 17 years.

Your downstairs windows could stand to be replaced too, but we will get to those things all in good time. You’re still beautiful to me and I love you. You’ve given us a happy place to live, and my children a wonderful place to grow up, with your spacious yard, pastures and old barn.

You’ve watched us all grow through the years, through good times and bad, happy and sad, always lending the comfort of your steady of walls and warm lights. Thank you.

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday old house. You’re 100 years old this year! That’s quite and accomplishment, and we will take care of you for as long as we can, hopefully passing you down to someone who loves you as much as we do!