If  you or someone you know has trouble sleeping at night, you may want to consider using an herbal sleep pillow. These have been around for centuries, Abraham Lincoln was said to have rested his head on a pillow of hops to quiet his mind before sleep. King George the III also used a pillow of hops when the medicines of his day failed to help.

According to an article from Mountain Rose Herbs http://mountainroseblog.com/herbal-sleep-dream-pillows/ the herbs that are most helpful are:

Catnip- Relaxing, helps bring deep sleep.

Chamomile- Calming, relaxing and said to keep bad dreams away.

Hops- Relaxing, promotes peacefulness.

Lavender- Soothing, relaxing, and said to keep bad dreams away.

Lemon Balm- Relieves stress, anxious and nervous feelings, insomnia, stress and headaches.

Rose Petals- Bring warmth and love.

Rosemary- Traditionally used to bring deep sleep and keep away bad dreams.

Sweet marjoram- calms restlessness and nervousness.

You can use scrap fabrics, bits of old pillow cases, bandanas, etc… for these little pillows.

Cut two squares or rectangles of any size you wish out of your material, and place right sides together, stitch the edges, leaving at least a two inch opening to insert your herbs through. Pick one or a combination of the herbs listed above to go in your pillow. Turn the fabric right side out and fill your pillow and stitch the opening shut, it’s that simple folks! Not a seamstress you say? Well you can also use one of these nifty drawstring bags found athttp://www.mountainroseherbs.com/index.php?AID=139438   under containers/bags or even roll them up in cloth and tie shut with string. Always use a thin material the the fragrance of the herbs can be easily detected.

For extra strength you can add a couple drops of a relaxing essential oil, such as the ones Young Living offers. The website has lots of information about the different oils, and their uses! They offer very high quality oils, very pure, and in my opinion, the best on the market! https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/start?sponsorid=1623974&enrollerid=1623974

Though it’s not generally recommended to place any pillow in your babies crib, due to SIDS, you can spritz a mixture of Lavender oil and water on their bedding to promote a restful nights sleep for baby.

Here’s another useful tip!

You can make little pillows for your pets, filled with herbs that they like and that repel fleas.

For dogs use- pennyroyal, thyme, and wormwood with a few drops of pennyroyal oil.

For cats- pennyroyal, catnip, and chamomile with a few drops of pennyroyal oil.

Place them in their pet beds to help keep them fresh and flea free.

Just another way to help out your family and friends. These sleep pillows make awesome gifts by the way, tucked into a little basket with some Chamomile tea, a new mug,  maybe some bubble bath or lavender lotion for example!

 Any of these herbs, can be purchased at http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/index.php?AID=139438

Happy crafting!