The Revolutionary Roller Ball

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That's right! The revolutionary roller ball , one of the best inventions ever, and here's why! First and foremost, you can make those precious essential oils go farther, therefore saving lots of money, and who [...]

Old Fashioned Lye Soap

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You often hear older people talk about good old fashioned lye soap, for good reason!  It was an excellent laundry and cleaning aid! The truth is, all soap is made with lye, there just is [...]

DYI Laundry Soap and Fabric Softner

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At our house, we like the freedom to make different household cleaning  items that  work great AND save money. One of the things that used to take up quite a bit extra of my grocery [...]

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Healthy Cleaning Part ll

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If you're like me, and tired of the chemical cocktails for sale at the store to clean our houses with, cleaners that contain chemicals that will disrupt our hormones, cause allergies, potentially harm our children, [...]

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“Summer”izing Your House!

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Today is one cold, and I do mean cold day! It's three degrees outside here in Southwest MN. and  I think we are beginning to get cabin fever! You all know I love to make [...]

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Scent Your Season Naturally

By | December 13th, 2016|Categories: Herbs, Homemaking|Tags: , , , , , , |

When it comes to homey holiday fragrances, I'm totally in love. I used to be the first one to grab up all the plug ins, air fresheners, candles etc. to make my house smell like [...]

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An Old Fashioned Christmas

By | December 4th, 2016|Categories: Homemaking, Inspiration|Tags: , , , , , , , |

My daughter and I are history buffs at our house We homeschool, and for the month of December we decided to do something fun for history. Instead of continuing on with our ancient world history, [...]

Trash… Or Treasure

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Remember the old saying one man's trash is another man's treasure? That definitely is true for me! My kids laugh at me because I have been known to dumpster dive at a moments notice, or [...]

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Happy Birthday Old House

By | September 7th, 2016|Categories: Homemaking, Inspiration|Tags: , , , , |

Happy Birthday old house! My, but you were grand in your day! Standing up on a hill looking over the prairie flowers. Someone with big hopes and dreams built you, back in 1916. I had [...]

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Back to School Immunity Support

By | August 27th, 2016|Categories: Home Apothecary, Homemaking|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

It's hard to believe that August has almost come to an end and September is right around the corner! As we have, many of you may have started to get ready for back to school, [...]

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Coffee Bean Soap

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I don't know about you all, but I like my coffee! Its an everyday necessity around here, from a nice warm cup in the morning, to iced coffee in the afternoon. Not only does coffee [...]

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Bread and Butter Pickles

By | August 6th, 2016|Categories: Homemaking, The Kitchen|Tags: , , |

These days of summer, I am enjoying my garden bounty! I have lots of cucumbers to make pickles with. I usually make garlic dills and jalepeno hot pickles. Those are great, but I've been looking [...]

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