When making my herbal homemade soaps, I often use herbal infused olive oil. To make an infused oil is very simple, however it requires patience.

To get the most benefit of your herbs, place the herb of choice into a jar and cover with olive oil, preferably organic. Organic is important because you simply don’t want those pesticides and chemicals in your final product! The oil must be an inch or two above the herbs as they will absorb quite a bit.

Make sure your utensils are clean and dry, even a little moisture can ruin your oil, causing mold.

Check your jar in a couple of hours to make sure you still have sufficient oil, if the plant material has absorbed all the oil, add another inch or so. Cover your jar with a lid and let the herb infuse for ten days in a warm place or sunny window depending on the time of year.

After ten days is up, strain your oil from your plant material. I use a nylon stocking over a quart jar and strain through that to make sure none of the plant material gets into the finished oil. It can strain for quite awhile, and then I squeeze the remaining oil out of it until I get every last drop. Stored in a cool dark place this will be good for up to a year.

If you don’t have time you can put water in your crockpot and set your jar of herbs and oil in it. Turn on warm and leave for two days, making sure the water level stays half way up the jar. Then strain as in the other method.

Ointments, salves, body creams and soaps can all be made with these medicinal oils. For salves you use beeswax to solidify it and the addition of essential oils make the product even more potent.

In another post I will explain which oils and herbs work best for different conditions.

Happy oiling!