Making bath bombs is one of the things we have been super busy with here at The Prairie Apothecary Company. Getting ready for up coming spring  craft fairs, Mother’s Day, and just Spring in general! Spring is coming, I promise it is, although after yesterday being 60 degrees and today back down to 30 and snowing, it seems a little distant.

 I will share the bath bomb recipe in case you are a do it yourself kind of person. They aren’t hard to make, and rather fun, even your kids could join in, big or  little, because there is nothing in these that could hurt them! I love to make things for my family that haven’t got loads of chemicals in them. This could be a fun little afternoon project for you and your loved ones as you wait for some warmer weather, also I can see these being great little gifts in an Easter basket!

First you need to gather your ingredients:

1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

1/2 cup epsom salts

1/2 cup corn starch or arrow root powder

1 tsp almond oil

essential oils of your choice 

food coloring  or mica powder

witch hazel


Get out a large bowl, preferably glass or stainless steel, because the oils will harm your plastic ones.

I start by adding all my ingredients except the witch hazel, that you need to put into a small spray bottle for later. Pick the essential oil you want to add, lavender for relaxation, peppermint for energy, and Young Living has a lovely blend called Melrose, for dry itchy skin! These are just a few possibilities, there are endless combinations!

Mix everything up by hand, squeezing to make sure all lumps are worked out.  Once that is accomplished you can spritz the mixture with the witch hazel a little at a time, working it in as you go. You want to continue spritzing and squeezing the mixture with your hands until it just begins to stick together, kind of like moon sand…. I don’t know if everyone knows what that is but if you have kids you probably do. The trick to this is not getting it too wet, because if it gets to wet it will start to activate and fizz and will ruin you bath bombs. 


When it just begins to clump together, you can begin to pack your bath bomb mold. I use a round metal one I got from Bramble Berry, also for bath fizzies, I use a plastic heart shaped one. Those little plastic Easter eggs at the store would also work!




This process will take some trial and error to come

up with the right consistency, so that it’s not too crumbly, and at the same time, not too sticky, but the ingredients aren’t really expensive, so you can allow for some mistakes.

Next you carefully remove them from the molds, and place on a paper towel or newspaper, somewhere where they can dry, out of the way, as you don’t want them getting knocked down. They should dry for 24 hours to become nice and solid.


That’s about it! You can package them up in cute little cellophane bags with ribbon tied around the top, or give a basket full to someone! They smell heavenly, are therapeutic, with the essential oils and epsom salts, and the almond oil adds just the right touch of moisturizing.


Nothing like a nice hot bath to soak your cares away! I hope you give it a try and enjoy, if you don’t want to go to the trouble, I will be offering these on my website soon! I would be happy to ship them to you all packaged up for a cute Spring gift!

By the way, if you are interested in Young Living Essential Oils, you can sign up for a kit! You will get a diffuser, several oils, samples and everything you need to get started. These oils are the best in the business and my family really has benefited from them!

Till next time, God Bless!