The time has come at our house to do some Fall cleaning. To me it’s not as much fun as Spring cleaning, simply because we all know whats coming next, right? Yep, Old Man Winter is right around the corner.

Soon the windows will be covered in plastic and everything sealed up. My husband is already talking about this and it’s only the beginning of October! We go through this every year, I say not yet and he says we have to winterize before it gets too cold. I hate being all sealed in before I have to be, that’s just me, I like my open windows and fresh air! But… he’s right and soon we will have to winterize. That’s why I like to do Fall cleaning, so everything is nice and fresh, all the dust bunnies are gone, windows clean and fly specks done away with. I really dislike flies!

I used to cart around all kinds of cleaners, window cleaner, pine cleaner, Murphey’s oil soap, and the list goes on. I started

reading up on natural cleaners because the toxic chemicals in my regular cleaners where something I really didn’t want in my home.  I found lots of recipes for cleaners using vinegar, and lemon juice, those worked pretty well, especially after adding lemon essential oil, or lavender, but lets face it, vinegar doesn’t smell all that great. No matter how much lemon you add. Well I don’t think so anyway, maybe some like it, and that’s great!

After I started using Young Living oils I found something great! I tried their Thieves cleaner. This is an all natural, very concentrated cleaner that has multiple uses. It’s made with Young Living’s theraputic oils, and natural surfectants. It take very little to make your cleaners, and so many different uses. Here are some examples.

General cleaning 30 oz. water to 1 oz. Thieves Cleaner

Heavy degreasing  15:1,  Light degreasing 50:1, Glass 50:1

Dishwasher one capful added to bottom of dishwasher, Floors 1 capful to 6 cups water,

Carpets 1 capful to 6 cups water, laundry 1 – 3 capfuls


One 64 oz. bottle can make 256  30 oz. bottles of cleaner!  Now that’s some savings!

Thieves gets it’s name from the legend of the four thieves in the fifteenth century. Legend has it that four men who were knowledgeable in herbs and their uses  robbed the dead and dying during the time of the black plague. They never became ill, and eventually when they were caught, in exchange for their lives they were asked to give up their secret. They had made a combination of herbal vinegar with cloves, rosemary, and other botanicals and rubbed it all over themselves. Thieves cleaner has a combinations of cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus, all are known for their ability to help purify your home.

This stuff has become a necessity at our house, replacing all the things I used to use. I absolutely LOVE the way it smells, kind of that warm spicy, almost Christmasy scent.

If you have an old squeeze bottle, like a dish soap bottle you can make your own soft scrub that works beautifully. 1/2 cup Theives household cleaner concentrate, 2 1/2  cups baking soda, mix and place in the bottle. There you have it! A much less toxic version of soft scrub.

 If you want to learn more about Thieves Cleaner, or  if you are interested in signing up for a starter kit, click here.