When it comes to homey holiday fragrances, I’m totally in love. I used to be the first one to grab up all the plug ins, air fresheners, candles etc. to make my house smell like a winter wonderland!

That is, until I found out how harmful those are to our families. After deciding to go on a more natural route, I started doing some research. Here are some of the things I’ve found.

Most store bought air fresheners  consist of formaldehyde, petro chemicals, aerosol pollutants and dichlorobenzene which the Centers for Disease Control classifies as a possible occupational carcinogen, not something I want to breath in. It has been reported to cause asthma, allergy attacks, rashes, eye irritation, liver disease, kidney malfunction, gastro intestinal problems, and lung damage to name a few.

If you suffer from migraines frequently, these air fresheners could be a major contributor. So many of the things we suffer from today can be attributed to the very things we use in our homes, things we think are helping to clean and freshen when in fact they are polluting our environment.

Dr. Ruhullah Massoudi researcher and chemistry professor stated that long term use of paraffin wax candles could contribute to increases in allergies, asthma and cancer. In a nut shell, synthetic air fresheners really shouldn’t be in our homes. It’s slowly doing neurological and immune system damage to us, our children and even our pets.

What are we to do? Well fortunately there are some very good alternatives out there!

One thing we use in our home is the home diffuser, like this one by Young Living. https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/home-diffuser-dew-drop-design


There are many diffusers out there, but this one is my personal favorite. If you would like the wholesale pricing on Young Living products just ask me how to sign up! Diffusers are a great invention, they work by creating ultra sonic mist and therefore distributing the scent and many benefits of essential oils through out your home.

Always use distilled water in your diffuser to keep it from clogging up. I have included some holiday season scents that you are sure to enjoy!

Mulled Cider

4 drops orange

2 drops nutmeg

1 drop cinnamon bark

1 drop cloves


Spiced Cider

4 drops orange

3 drops cinnamon

3 drops ginger


Christmas Tree

4 drops balsam fir

3 drops cedarwood

4 drops pine


Winter Wonderland

2 drops spruce

2 drops cedarwood

2 drops peppermint

1 drop juniper



4 drops Stress Away

3 drops frankincense

3 drops myrrh


Gingerbread Man

4 drops Stress Away

3 drops cinnamon

2 drops ginger

2 drops cloves



All of these essential oils and many more can be found at Young Living. They have an excellent package deal where you get the diffuser and several oils, samples and literature for a very economical price!  https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/new-start PLUS when you sign up as a member you get 24% off of all items, just one of the many perks!

Another very economical way to add that Christmas spirit to your home is to simmer some cinnamon sticks, orange peeling and cloves in a pot on your stove. This always creates a warm and inviting scent.\

I encourage you to try these ideas, and if you have any of your own, please comment, I would love to hear them!

Many Blessings!