Vanilla Orange 2 oz Lotion Bar

//Vanilla Orange 2 oz Lotion Bar

Vanilla Orange 2 oz Lotion Bar


Moisturizing lotion bars scented with orange essential oil and rich vanilla in a cute reusable tin!

Product Description

Vanilla Orange solid lotion bars are filled with beneficial oils for the skin, including Kokum butter, hemp seed oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. Kokum butter has been used for centuries in the tropics, and has a long list of healing properties,needed to help dry damaged skin.  Like it’s relative cocoa butter, it’s filled with antioxidants, naturally high in vitamin E, and soothes dry skin, helping to restore elasticity. Also included in these lovely lotion bars is hemp seed oil, which is full of vitamins A,E, and D for smooth healthy skin. These saturated fats are easily absorbed and especially beneficial to dry skin because they remain on the skin for hours, moisturizing and protecting.

All this in a 2 oz solid bar contained in a cute reusable tin!

A treat for the skin that will last and last!

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, kokum butter, hemp seed oil, beeswax, sweet orange essential oil, vanilla absolute


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