The Goats of Christmas Past

Recently while digging through some old photos, I found some that brought back some humorous memories. My oldest two girls were very small when we moved out to the country, and being raised in the country myself, I was accustomed to having an assortment of animals around the farm. Animals can be both useful and [...]

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Scent Your Season Naturally

When it comes to homey holiday fragrances, I'm totally in love. I used to be the first one to grab up all the plug ins, air fresheners, candles etc. to make my house smell like a winter wonderland! That is, until I found out how harmful those are to our families. After deciding to go [...]

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Winter Is Here

Even though we have had an amazingly warm and long fall, it looks like winter is here now. The days are gradually getting shorter and colder, and outside is beginning to look less inviting. It is about this time that many of us begin to despair. We can already feel that closed in cabin fever [...]

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