It’s been a long time since I have posted on here. Spring is in full swing and I have been super busy! Spring craft shows are abundant, and since we home school it is always a push to get our classes done by the end of the school year.

There is getting the garden in and spring cleaning inside and outside. Seems like after winter is done you find sticks and bits of trash all over the yard. Cobwebs and dust that have been hiding show their faces more with the longer brighter days. Lets face it, spring is just a really busy time of the year, and when you lump all the tasks that you see need done, it can get a bit overwhelming.

Usually I find myself getting really stressed around this time. This year I have decided to take things in stride, after all these are all things that I really enjoy doing, why not take it a little slower, and savor each moment.

First of all, we are so lucky to live in a country where we still have the freedom to educate our own children. We have the liberty to include God in out daily studies. We have endless possibilities to incorporate into our curriculum, and our kids can see first hand how we live our lives day by day, giving us the perfect chance to lead by example. Our own example, not someone elses, who perhaps has different values than our own.

Yes it’s a little stressful at times, but anything worthwhile takes some effort. I can use this time of year to teach gardening, my daughter learns a valuable way to provide for her future family, by growing healthy food, and learning to preserve it. We can go to the nursery to buy seeds and plants, spending quality time together. After a trip to the library for books like this we learn which plants do well together and which should be on opposite ends of the garden.

There is just something about being outside and digging in the dirt that is a natural antidepressant, plus it goes hand in hand with our Life Science studies.

I teach her some small business skills, like marketing, taking orders, preparing for vendor shows, bringing in more inventory and making and packaging product for my soap making business.Spring is always a busy time of year for that as well as creating new seasonal products.

When it’s time to do spring cleaning, we can learn to use essential oils, and other natural products that are good for the environment. Baking soda, vinegar, olive oil and others are healthy alternatives to the harsh chemicals in today’s cleaning products.

It’s amazing when confronted with a mountain of stressful projects, if you just change your perspective and choose to see the blessings and opportunities instead of the overwhelming mountain, just by choosing to look a little deeper, the mountain levels out, and you can see much farther. The shadows disappear and the blessings show brighter.

I’m going to use the rest of spring to be mindful of all the common miracles there are, such as a warm freshly laid egg, or some fuzzy baby chicks.


There will be newly sprouted seeds, and open windows letting in fresh air and fragrant blossoms sweeter than any perfume! The list goes on and on.


Just by slowing down and choosing to notice the world around me and choosing to be thankful, I always find that I truly am to blessed to be stressed!

Many Spring blessings to you!