Herbs have been used for many different things since the beginning of time. Personally I believe God has put on the earth everything we need for nourishment and medicine, etc…

In the old days the local apothecary used his knowledge passed down from generation after generation. He prescribed herbs for medicinal uses to help people with what ailed them.He was basically the town pharmicist. I have dedicated myself to learning the art of the apothecary to benefit myself and my family.

Rather than use the chemical laden products of today’s industry, we have gone back to a much simpler and I believe healthier alternative. Granted there are some medications that have their place, however I believe the more natural approach is better in the long run.

Many women had a room in their homes specifically for the preparation of home remedies. Here the art of transforming plants into medicine for the family and neighbors in need was performed. She had her cabinets well stocked with herbs from her garden and recipes passed down from Mothers and Grandmothers were well remembered and written down for future generations. They called this room the still room. A convenient little place full of remedies and skin care essentials right at home.

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I often day dream about such times. It is nice to have modern convenience, but along with that comes a more hurried, stressful life style. There are so many distractions now, TVs, radios, computers ( my own personal vice) and loads of other things that take our minds off of the simpler things. I love to strive for having everything I need at home, and not having to run to town for every little thing. It gives me a peace, knowing I can provide for my family by stockpiling and thinking ahead….  but ahh yes, that is a post for another day.

Boy I sure know how to get off track, ha? Anyway, I enjoy researching old herbal lore, and modern books on the subject. I love history in general and find there is much to learn from the past.

I have used the things  I am learning to make lovely, natural products to benefit my own family and others. The purpose of my blog is to share knowledge, fellowship, and my enthusiasm for natures goodness! I hope you all can find something useful or informative to benefit your families as well!