Even though we have had an amazingly warm and long fall, it looks like winter is here now. The days are gradually getting shorter and colder, and outside is beginning to look less inviting. It is about this time that many of us begin to despair. We can already feel that closed in cabin fever creeping up on us.

Well how about this year we nip it in the bud?

Yes! That’s right! Just stop it in its tracks?

I have found in a lot of things, attitude is everything. When we look for it there may just be things about winter to look forward too! Really!

I for one can hardly wait for that first snow fall. The beauty that settles all around us in a silent hush.


It’s breathtaking, almost like walking into a different world. For me it’s almost a sacred experience, welcoming in a new season. God has put nature to bed and covered her with a blanket of white.

It’s this time of year we begin focusing more on inside activities. Now that gardening season has ended, I have more time to focus on soap making, and indoor painting projects.

Not just work though! We also look forward to extra baking, making Christmas treats, and making home made gifts!

Something I plan on this year is having my two older daughters come home and join us for a card making party.  Sounds wonderful to me to be around the dining room table with the wood stove going, all toasty warm! We will make some hot drinks such as…

Pumpkin Spice Latte found @ Live Simply

Chocolate Orange Latte found @ Authentic Simplicity and

Maple Macchiato found @ Joybilee Farm

We like to put up our Christmas lights after Thanksgiving and leave them up until mid January, just to enjoy that warm glow a little bit longer. To me there is nothing so cozy as being in the living room with no lights on but the Christmas lights. Just a way to make the long evenings a little more enjoyable. Board games can be fun, as well as cards!


Winter is the time of the year I really get into learning new things, and starting some new projects. It’s a great time to take advantage of your local library! I spend many an evening cuddled up in a blanket with coffee and a good book, either a book on some new projects, or things for home school, or one of the classics!

I can’t wait to share more recipes and  ideas with you as winter passes! What about you? What do you like to do in the Winter?